Just as we were wrapping up Carnival here in the U.S. Virgin Islands, we heard the sad news of the earthquake that caused great devastation to our sister Caribbean island, Haiti. As a filmmaker and humanitarian my immediate reaction was to help by volunteering and documenting-on film-the courageous strength, determination, and daily strife to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.

The tragedy that Haitians are going through is heart breaking and I worry about the children and women of Haiti.  My questions are ongoing and many-but my greatest questions are how are young children and women surviving? How are they meeting their daily basic needs?

The answers come slowly and painfully as the media continues to update us from morning through night on rescue developments in Haiti. But it does not stop anyone from worrying about the children and women of Haiti. I personally wonder how many women have experienced miscarriages? How many women weren’t able to acquire sanitary napkins for their month cycle? How many children have lost their mother or father, or both parents? I feel deep sympathy and sorrow.

The people of Haiti will need ongoing support for many years to come, and I have decided the best way for me to help is by giving to St.Croix´s local Haiti non-profit organization—Haiti Community Support.  

My prayers goes out to all of those affected by the earthquake, the first responders, and I ask you to send as much positive energy and solidarity with the people of Haiti.